10 best dog names for your pet

10 best dog names for your pet10 best dog names for your pet

Finding a good name for your dog is very important, not only because it will be for life, but because it can help your pet to obey your orders more easily. Find a name that matches your dog, or the opposite, but that is appropriate. If you want some clues to inspire you.

Before choosing your dog’s name, you must take into account a series of basic rules that will help him learn it more easily. For example, don’t call him the same as someone who lives at home or is important in the family, because he will be confused every time you pronounce the name. Also, avoid names with three or more syllables and words that have a similar loudness to the ones you use to give them orders.

If you can’t decide on just one name, you can always draw lots. But, the best way to stay alone with one is to look at the face and think about how you imagine calling him. Surely you choose the best nickname!

The best names for dogs in French

When choosing the name of your pet, you can listen to the recommendations of the people around you, because they can have good ideas. But, as the ‘mom’ of your dog, you are the last one to have the floor to choose.


If your dog is elegant and very distinguished, Chanel is the best name you can find for her, referring to the French fashion brand. It is the name of the perfect length, since it is not too long, which would make it difficult for him to learn it, nor too short. Beautiful!


This historic name is perfect if your pet has a very strong character and also likes to exercise some power. They said that Napoléon was very short, so it will look great in a small dog. Can you imagine putting this name on your pet? Don’t be surprised if it ends up conquering your entire house, room by room.


If your dog is flirty and very funny, you can call him that, as long as you pronounce it Lulu. It is a French name that transmits elegance and a lot of tenderness, which is why we imagine it in pets that walk with their heads held high. Consisting of a repeated syllable, this name will be very easy to learn and it will not take you long to respond to it. Remember, however, that if you use a similar word to give the commands, you had better find another nickname with a different loudness.


This is a very typical man’s name in France that can be perfect for your dog if he is a man. It can be a good French name for a terrier dog, because of the similarity of these two words. This name presents a problem when used with the French pronunciation. And that type of r can be very difficult to pronounce correctly, especially if you are in the middle of a discussion. But, you can always Spanishize the name and pronounce it with doubler.


If you have a female pet who likes to be the center of attention and is also a little cheesy this is the perfect name for her. It is the typical nickname that long-haired puppies would wear whose owners cannot avoid putting many pink bows on them. Is your pet one of them? So this is the name you’ve been looking for for a long time! People who know your dog will not be able to avoid saying aloud: Ooooh!

6 Curie

If you want to give your dog an interesting name, you can call it Curie, like the French scientists Pierre and Marie. Therefore, it is valid for both females and males. It is a beautiful tribute especially to this scientist, one of the women who made history thanks to her contribution to science after the discovery of radio and polonium. Rest assured that with a name like this, your dog will be even smarter.

7 Champagne

Elegance, glamor, party, money … this is all that this name evokes, making it perfect for your dog if you want it to be called in a very chic way. On the other hand, this nickname is ideal for dogs that have one of those bubbly and restless personalities. Give this unisex name to your pet if it tends to be a bit mischievous. What a nice name!


Pay tribute to the French singer Édith Piaf by calling your dog with her last name. It is ideal for your pet if it is as elegant and creative as she is. Some people consider it an insult to put names of people to dogs, but it seems to us a very nice detail. That a being as faithful as a dog bears your name is cause for joy, right?


In addition to being a French city, Toulouse-Lautrec was one of the most outstanding artists in the Gallic country. Although it seems a very long name when pronouncing it is very elegant. To check if your pet should have a name like this, you can put his paws in a little paint (non-toxic) and let him run around on a very large piece of paper. If you create a work of art … this name is perfect for him! You know, imagination to power.

10 Paris

This name is valid for both male and female dogs and is perfect for the most affectionate pets. They say that Paris is the city of love and light … Who wouldn’t want to call their pet with such a beautiful name?

If you want your dog to have the name of a famous star, take a look at the following video. And if you keep looking tirelessly for the perfect name of your dog but you still haven’t found the perfect nickname, at Diario Femenino, we help you.

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