Top 8 most intelligent cats

Top 8 most intelligent catsTop 8 most intelligent cats

Cats are much smarter than dogs, scammers assure: they are not exchanged for stupid things in the form of, for example, a tray of slippers. All actions of cats are well thought out and have practical benefits for the animal. However, among furry pets, there are especially gifted with intelligence. Below are the top 8 most intelligent cat breeds.

  • sphinx

The undisputed leaders of this list are the sphinxes. They are extremely easy to learn and train because they remember the teams very well. The mind and acumen of the sphinxes are manifested, for example, in the ability to understand people. Cat owners say that if a person does not like animals or pretends, then the pet will never approach him, and in some cases will even hiss at the guest.

  • Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora, bred in the 16th century, amazes people with the ability to listen. These cats are incredibly contacted and great for loners. Experts emphasize that it is very easy to share experiences with Angors: they look at the owner as if they understand everything, which makes it easier for a person. At the same time, the animals are very wayward and have a solid character: for example, if the pet does not like the food, he will do everything for the owner to change it.

  • Oriental

Representatives of the oriental breed are considered telepaths in the cat world: they very subtly capture human emotions and mood. Intense moments, the pet does not appear; but as soon as the animal feels that the owner needs it, it will come up and settle on its knees. Orientals, according to experts, are able to treat depression and neurosis.

  • The British

The British are ready to defend their property with all their might, their owners say. These cats cannot stand when someone touches their toys, bowl or sunbed. The feeling of private property is a clear sign of high intelligence. Moreover, the requirement to stay away from the things of the animal does not apply to the owner.

  • The Munchkins

The Munchkins, in contrast, attract people with their all-encompassing friendliness. They are very contacted and can not stand loneliness on the spirit. Being attached to the owner, they, thanks to their extraordinary intelligence, are very tactful: they will not reach the person if he is in a bad mood, and, on the contrary, they will not get away with it if the owner needs them.

  • Siamese cat

Siamese cats are very trained. Animal lovers often teach them, different teams, while fluffy pets, according to them, show amazing quick wits. Even the most difficult tricks on the shoulder of the Siamese: for example, they are often trained to relieve the need for a toilet.

  • Balinese cat

Balinese cats are the same Siamese, with only long hair. Hence their developed intelligence and learning abilities. Balinese can easily find a hidden treat, opening the doors of the cabinets and looking into the most inaccessible places. Professional trainers are very fond of Balinese cats because it’s easy to make an entertainment program with them.

  • Maine Coons

Finally, Maine Coons. Their “catwalkers” are considered philosophers of the animal world. At the same time, the representatives of this male breed are very good fathers, which indicates their intellectual abilities. Maine coons protect, feed, and guard their offspring. These cats also have an excellent memory and distinguish good people from bad ones.


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