What kind of dog is suitable for the elderly

What kind of dog is suitable for the elderlyWhat kind of dog is suitable for the elderly

Nowadays, there are many young people who work outside and cannot stay with their parents often, so they will want to buy a dog to accompany the elderly. What kind of dog is suitable for Nowadays the elderly to raise? What do the elderly need to pay attention to when raising a dog?

We all know that there are too many types of pets, and pets have different personalities. They are naughty, lively, and have a lot of exercise, and they are quiet, elegant, and have a little exercise. Buying a dog for the elderly is for them to find a companion. When choosing a dog for the elderly, it must be suitable for old people’s hobbies and habits, so that they can bring more happiness to the people.

First, you can choose a docile, easy-going dog. Such a dog is closer to the owner and more dependent on the owner. He always moves around the owner and is more obedient, which can make the owner feel needed. Old people who like sports can try to raise lively butterfly dogs, and old people who like quiet can raise Bomei.

Secondly, the size of the dog is also a matter of concern. Try not to choose a dog that is too large. Dogs under 10 kg can be moderately small. They do not require too much exercise. They are easy to carry and manage, will not cause trouble, and are more worried. If the old man is energetic, if he likes big dogs, he can choose some good breeds for him. For example, border shepherd is a good choice.

Third, I also think that the elderly choose a dog that is easier to take care of because caring for a dog requires some physical strength after all. It is not suitable for the elderly who are weak. We should choose a dog with short hair and easy to clean up.

Also. The editor is here to wake up everyone a bit, if the elderly with diseased waist and legs walk the dog, be careful not to trip over the dog

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